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2003 Festival

Musicport 2003 was amazing with Transglobal Underground, Go Lem System, Ustad Mahwash & Ensemble Kaboul, Kékélé, Talisman , Martin Simpson & Spencer Bohren, Mighty Zulu Nation, Julie Murphy, Dylan Fowler & Danny Thompson, Rajan Spolia, Talisman, Lion Train, Bombay Baja & The Dhol Foundation amongst many others making an unforgettable weekend .

Cloudbase began to really develop their wonderful décor which has been so much part of the festival ever since.


Trans-Global Underground, Kékélé; (DR Congo), Ustad Mahwash and Ensemble Kaboul,The Dhol Foundation, Ali Slimani Band, Julie Murphy, Dylan Fowler and Danny Thompson, Charanga Del Norte, Talisman, Lion Train, Go Lem System, Bombay Baja, Spencer Bohren and Martin Simpson, Tea and Mirela, Modeste Hugues, Davide Sanna, Mas Y Mas, Josephine Oniyama, Eduardo Niebla, Robert Maseko and Congobeat, Mighty Zulu Nation, Rajan Spolia, Salt The Band, Seize The Day, Pinjab, Virginia McNaughton, Hot Ashes, Jali Kebba Suso and Magatte Dieng, Saaz, Tuup,Cloudbase,2 Ban,Banoffi, Nkosana,Urban Gypsies,Chinese Quartet, Nick Burman, Dordiseal.